That time of the year again, below is a list of products we will be having on sale. 
01-04 BRAND NEW Duramax both 64mm and 68mm
01-04 BRAND NEW Duramax 64mm supercore
04.5-16 LLY/LBZ/LMM/LML BRAND NEW Duramax 64mm, 66mm, 68mm.
17-current BRAND NEW Duramax 64mm tow turbo
94-02 Cummins 64mm both tow and race series turbos
03-07 Cummins 64mm both tow and race series turbos
07.5-18 Cummins 64mm 
99.5-03 Powerstroke 63mm
03-07 Powerstroke 63.5 and 65mm
Other products:
Allison Pre-programmed TCMS
EPC foolers
No reman turbos will be on sale this year due to core shortage. You'll be buying brand new turbos at reman pricing! Use coupon code: blackfriday21 at checkout for savings!!